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❝ He has a surprisingly impressive shoe collection for a heterosexual man and I wish it was mine ❞

- Alex O’Loughlin on what he envies about his Hawaii Five-0 co-star Scott Caan (via hifive-0)


Deleted scene from H50, epi 4.15

(Courtesy of Alex O’Loughlin — And Intense Study)


Here’s a copy of the scene where Steve goes to therapy for his PTSD and losing his best friend, Freddie Hart, during his active Navy SEAL duty. Scene starts around the 1:40 mark and goes to the end of the episode. 

This is canon for me forever, too. Because it shouldn’t be on the cutting room floor (with pretty much everything else with Kono-Max, Cath-Dennings, everything Chin) because they were moments that were so much more important to actual character development than everything else Season Four was obsessed with pushing

McGarrett in therapy for his PTSD. Hell yes. Canon for Life.


It’s the little things in this scene that made it so painfully real, like the visible trauma in Steve’s eyes, the terrified acceptance that this is how he’s going to die, and something as small as just watching his hands when he’s being held up; how he grasps for something to hold on to but ends up balling his fists and visibly shaking. He’s so alone, even with so many people in the room, he has no one to hold onto, no one to cry out to who will listen, so he just latches onto the last bit of strength he has and just cries because it’s the only thing he can do.


Orders from the Boss!!


Made for Beta-Blue, who requested Steve’s Tattoo’s.

I keep this here, for reference in writing, game, and, you know, staring.

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